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About Us


If you have clicked on this tab, you are probably wondering who we are, and how our business has gotten where it is today. We will try not to bore you to death, but we want to give you an idea about our business and our personal lives as well. 

It all started with Ben's passion for hunting, filming, and photographing his hunts. Aside from this, his grandfather, father, and uncle were all professional photographers. It makes sense that he would inherit that love and creativity of photography and videography. In 2011 Ben and a couple of his friends started their own small partnership called Embrace the Harvest. This is where Ben put his passion for nature and love of being behind the camera to use. This continued for 5 years, but Ben's ultimate dream was to turn his hobby partnership into a full time job doing what he enjoyed most, filming. During the fourth year Ben met his soon to be wife, Marissa. She soon learned of his passion and knew what she needed to do to help him make his dream a reality.  She came up with the name BKreativ Films and gave him the motivation and encouragement to start his own small business. They soon envisioned their ultimate goal to have a dual husband and wife team! 

Let me back this up a little and give you a background of our little "BIG" family. When Marissa came into Ben's life, she was a single mom of a 7-year-old boy and two 2 1/2-year-old twin boys. They had previously known each other through a mutual friend. Ben was single and had no idea his life would soon change so fast for the better. Going from single to taken and taking on three boys, before you know it, Ben and Marissa's love blossomed and Ben fell in love with not only Marissa, but her boys as well. They got married in Iceland in September 2016! They soon had 2 little boys of their own, Aven & Auden. Along with their love, Marissa soon found her passion as well. She was previously a family service specialist and teacher for a total of 8 1/2 years. She had such a passion for people and children and what a great way to use this than to connect with clients big and little! She soon developed a love of running the camera and had her own creative way of taking pictures and assisting Ben with clients. Together they made the perfect dream team! 

 Our goal is to make each and everyone of our clients that walk into our lives a top priority and make sure we get exactly what was envisioned and more. Most importantly, we want to make sure our clients are comfortable around us and in their own skin. We specialize in covering both videos and photos for our clients in a way that doesn't interfere with each other’s work and instead compliments one another to get the best video footage and images for our couples. 

If you are looking into video/photos for your wedding, look no further! We are a one-stop shop and we are here to make your life easier and give you the coverage you need on your special day. If you are looking for other coverage, weather that be Infant, Family, Engagement, Lifestyle, or anything else that's important to you, we are here to capture these memories in your life and make sure they last forever. 


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